Centralized Training Location

No need to search through stacks of paper or a file cabinets. Your data is stored electronically and is easily accessible.


Using eTraining is as easy as it gets. Anyone on your team will be able to use our software.

Scheduling and Notifications

Receive notifications online and by email for upcoming trainings.

Private Video Storage

Any video you upload for a training is auto-uploaded to our servers and embedded into the training page.

eTraining - a product of eInnovative Features:

eTraining - a product of eInnovative is a web based work education tracking program that enables you to manage trainings electronically
Create new tests and trainings as needed and view everyone's completed trainings and scores

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited file and data storage.

Off-site Redundant Data Backup

Your data is 100% safe with our off-site redundant backup system, your data is backed up daily to multiple servers.


E-Mail Technical Support

Our support team is available to answer your questions.

24/7 Access

You can access your program 24/7 with any internet ready device.

Easy Management

Get rid of filing cabinets and other unnecessary paperwork. With eTraining - a product of eInnovative you can add pictures, documentation, information on how to troubleshoot problems and more.

Videos, Slideshows, and PDFs Storage

eTraining - a product of eInnovative logs videos, slideshows, PDFs, estimated completion times, and an ability to print certifications for completed trainings


Test Generation

eTraining - a product of eInnovative allows manual entering of test questions and correct answers in a user-friendly way

Training Flow

Create Training and Test for Users

Creating and managing company trainings has never been more simplistic. If desired, upload a training video or PDF and give a name, estimated completion time, and required users for your training.


Create Your Own Test Questions and Answers

Enter your own test question with a choice of true/false, one answer multiple choice, and multiple answer multiple choice. Give possible answers and correct answer.


Manage Trainings for Users

Receive automated emails when a user has completed their trainings and print automatically generated achievement certificates.


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eTraining takes the guess work out of employee training, with its powerful alarming features.

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